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Ultra-Fast Angle Grinding Wheel

Ultra-Fast Angle Grinding Wheel

Ultra-Fast Angle Grinding Wheel

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Peel, grind, engrave, and even cut pieces of wood with EASE!

Shape up even RAW wood and make it smooth with the help of this Ultra-Fast Angle Grinding Wheel!

Make exquisite wood carvings, fast & efficient!

This is an all-in-one ultra-fast rotating angle wheel grinder for WOOD

It remodels wood and makes it really nice, polished, and visually appealing! Suitable for working with both convex and concave areas!

Strong & Durable Carbide Coated Construction

This wheel grinder attachment is strong, durable, rustproof, and long-lasting! Made from carbide coated construction material that can last for years without showing any signs of weakness or damages!

Perfect for convex and concave carving

Saves a lot of money, effort, and time! Perfect for simple to complex woodcraft projects like wood peeling, grinding, carving, and more!

Simply screw in for easy installation

Another outstanding thing about this grinder is that it is easy to attach and remove from power tools! Mounts on any standard electric angle grinder! Seconds are enough for you to assemble it and remove it again simultaneously!

Sharp & High-Precision Solid Disc Cutter

The wheel itself is also HIGH-PRECISION, SHARP, and EASY TO MANEUVER! With 8000 UltraSharp Teeth for effortless carving! It assures a 100% smooth result on your woodworking projects!

Fits all angle grinders!

Perfect for DIY enthusiasts or professionals! No user compatibility at all!

Upgrade your woodworking ways and make intricate wood carvings effortlessly with this Ultra-Fast Angle Grinding Wheel!

Make the best quality wood crafts! Streamline your woodworking tasks NOW!


Material: Carbide Coated Tungsten

Size: 84 mm x 84 mm

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. Ultra-Fast Angle Grinding Wheel


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