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Tattoo & Flaw Concealing Tape

Tattoo & Flaw Concealing Tape

Tattoo & Flaw Concealing Tape

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Need To Cover Your Tattoos For An Important Meeting Or Event? These Flesh-Like Concealing Tapes Got You Covered  


  • Covers tattoos, birthmarks, scars, bruises, severe acne, and any flaw 
  • Free to Cut - Conforms to the exact shape of your tattoo
  • Flesh-colored concealing, like invisible! Unlike noticeable medical tapes, our tapes perfectly blend into your skin color as invisible - nobody will notice your tattoos underneath!
  • Highly Flexible - Perfectly fit to stick on any part of your body like arms, legs, face, fingers, hands, neck, back etc.
  • Quick application, 3 seconds to dry
  • Waterproof, smudge and smear-proof
  • Long-Lasting - Lasts for 1-2 weeks per tape
  • Breathable with less than 2mm thickness 
  • Removes easily without pain/ residue left when you are ready
  • Suitable for Any Skin Type - Made of high quality, FDA approved material

How to Use:

  • Clean and dry the area you want to apply on
  • Peel off the white paper. You can cut to the desired size/shape and stick the adhesive side on your skin
  • Press to stick it firmly and remove the transparent film

Tattoo Concealer Tape


  • Size: 11 x 15cm
  • Skin Color Type: Light, Medium, Tan (You have the option of selecting semi-transparent or Solid)

Package Will Include:

  • 1 x Tattoo & Flaw Concealing Tapes



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