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LED Lights For Cars | Flexible DRL LED Night

LED Lights For Cars | Flexible DRL LED Night

LED Lights For Cars | Flexible DRL LED Night

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Used for car exterior decoration light: Angel Eye Light, Daytime Running Lights, Turn Signal Lights, Eyebrow Lights, Rear Window Lights, etc
In addition to its great design, the installation of Flexible DRL LED Night & Daytime Running Light Strip can reduce the traffic accident rate by 12.4% and the death rate by 26.4%. When the view is blocked because of bad weather, these bright lights will make your car visible. This is legal and safe.
The Flexible DRL LED Night & Daytime Running Light Strip flashes according to the operation of your lights.
  • Suitable for any car model
  • Easy to install without disassembling the headlights
  • Non-flammable fire retardant burn
  • Silicone material with a good seal, waterproof, energy saving, anti-corrosion.
  • Daytime running light strips are different from the high beam, NO GLARE.


  • Only 4mm thick can be installed in the gap between the Headlights and the Engine Hood with adhesive tape, no drilling, no screwing, and no disassembling needed.
  • Flexible enough for cutting: Flexible DRL LED Night & Daytime Running Light Strip is flexible that allows you to shape it as you like.
  • Easy installation: No aluminum, No drill. Silicone body, fully sealed, do not worry about rust. Just peel and stick it by using reliable Self-Adhesive Genuine tape.

  • Lights are white when the turn signal light is off, then the lights flow yellow when the turn signal light is switched on.
  • Handpicked SMD-3014 LEDs, no dead light and dark spots, brighter than the stock halogen headlight bulbs. It's a good replacement light for the car original headlight.
  • Unlike old designs where the DRL and Turn Signal share the IC Controller, these lights have separate IC Controllers which guarantee stability.
  • Faster on/off response time and vibration resistant
  • Power off during your customizing installation
  • Cut down the strip along the line.
  • Make sure no debris gets in.
  • Sealing the tube with insulated glue after cutting in short.


Easy Installation, just require right connect to the positive and negative side

  • Red wire: Power Positive(+)
  • Black wire: Power Negative(-)/Ground
  • Yellow wire: Left or Right Turn Signal Positive(+)


  • Not a plug and play product, some professional skills and tools are needed.
  • (Professional Operation) Can be cut as your need at each 3 LEDs position, you must count from the first led(from the end).
  • Please put some plastic insulation immediately once done, or it will be a short circuit (IMPORTANT).
  • 3 LED s is a section, cut at least one section once time, one section is about 15 cm.
    45 cm only has 3 sections, if you cut off, the sequential dynamic lighting is not so good.
  • Can be bent up to 90°, but cannot be folded or beat arbitrarily, the LED s inside will be damaged.
  • Need to open/break the headlights cover to install.

Universal fit for all 12V/24V auto vehicles, commonly used for Car, SUV, Vans, Truck, RV, Motorcycle, Scooter, Trailer, etc.

  • Material: Soft Rubber Tube.
  • Input Voltage: 12V/24V
  • Power Rating: 5.5W
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Working Temperature: -40-60 ℃
  • Length: 45cm(17.72in), 60cm(23.62in).
  • 2 pcs x Flexible DRL LED Night & Daytime Running Light Strip


  • Please test the lights to ensure they are working before proceeding with any type of work.
  • Don't stress the cables or bent too much when you try to open the headlight to install them.


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