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Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano Instrument

Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano Instrument

Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano Instrument

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Grab the Beautifully Crafted & Discounted Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano Instrument Also Known As Mbira Mbila Marímbula Instrument While the Store Launch Discount Is On


Enjoy the best ethereal tones of this captivating handheld thumb instrument and instantly transport yourself back to thousands of years of African musical tradition.

Once mastered, it will captivate any audience and cause friends to be in complete awe of your musical prowess!

The first version of the Kalimba, Mbira, Mbila, or Marímbula, depending on the region in which it's played, originated in Africa over 3,000 years ago!

Lightweight and portable, the Kalimba was the chosen instrument of traveling troubadours who retold the history of their tribe through song. 

learn to play the African thumb instrument of kalimba piano

The casing is made of hardwood Acacia, the tines or keys are made of tempered spring steel that is hand-cut and rounded for extra comfort when playing.

Uniquely, this modern version has a built-in pickup so it's amp-compatible, ready for band play-along and to satisfy all your sampling needs! 

Includes carry case, 3m jack cable, tuning hammer, and easy-to-follow teach yourself handbook to get you started.

African Musical Instrument Kalimba

1. Kalimba originated in Africa and is also known as Mbira, Likembe, Sanza, Thumb Piano, Finger Piano, Hand Piano, Pocket Piano, Portable Piano, Magic Piano, etc.

2. It is said that the music played by this instrument can not only drive away the evil spirits of the patient, but also play the role of praying for rain.

3. Each Kalimba has been well-tuned and tested before shipment: International Standard C Tone, is the same as a piano. But for your better playing experience and effect, it's recommended to tune your Kalimba regularly and keep it clean after use.

best electric thumb kalimba instrument

Wonderful Musical Gift

Kalimba is so easy to learn and so enjoyable for everyone. It always is a wonderful choice for a birthday gift, Valentine gift, or Christmas gift. Suitable to be given to kids, teenagers, adult beginners, friends, families, music lovers, musicians, professional bands, teachers, students, Colleagues, etc.

What we care more about is how to help you learn and enjoy Kalimba faster, please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.


Mesmerizing professional Kalimba Music

Kalimba Package Includes

1* 17 Keys Kalimba
1* Flannelette Bag
1* Study Manual
1* Tuning Hammer
1* Cleaning Cloth
2* Finger Covers
1* Color & Tune Stickers


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