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Posture Correction Fat Burning Slipper

Posture Correction Fat Burning Slipper

Posture Correction Fat Burning Slipper

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Take the weight off your feet and cure horrible foot pain while reshaping for lean, sculpted legs! Rocker Bottom Slimming Shoes activate neglected muscles to tone and shape your body. Burn extra calories with these trainers at the comfort of your house. 

The anatomically designed curved midsoles stimulate inner & deep muscles in legs that are normally under trained. The rocking motion allows you to optimally stretch your legsankles and feet

It also improves posture and alignment for your spine, reducing pressure that causes plantar fascisticarch & heel pain.


  • Anatomically designed curved midsoles & bottom
  • Relieves from plantar fascistic, Achilles tendinitis, arch & heel pain
  • Helps strength & tone muscle in legsankles, and feet


  • Massages the reflexology zones on your feet
  • Optimal leg & spine stretch as you walk
  • Corrects standing posture & spine alignment
  • Promotes blood circulation for anti-swelling on lower body


  • Material: Synthetic Ethyl Vinyl Acetate


    • For Moderate Stretching & Calorie Burn
      Wear as normal home footwear.
    • For Foot Pain Relief & Posture Improvement
      - Tiptoe for 5-8 seconds with the shoes on.

      - Relax for 5 seconds. 
      - Repeat 5 sets.

      - Stand on heels for 5-8 seconds. 
      - Relax for 5 seconds. 
      - Repeat 5 sets.

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